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Rejuvenate Floor Refresher, from For Life Products, is advertised to clean, protect and preserve newer floors. After using this product, it was like the finish was stripped from my floors and they look very dull.

I called For Life Products, explained what happened and asked them to pay to refinish my floors.

The rep's response was "well that's not gonna happen" and proceeded to give me instructions on how to do it myself. When I asked if they stand by the products they sell, I was told they stand by what's in the bottle but not the damamge done to my floors.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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I don't understand what process you all are using? I've restored several different types of floor using rejuvenate and all my results are outstanding!

I'm a professional house cleaner abs my clients are all raving about the results.

One even said, and i quote, " I never thought my old wood floors could ever look like that. .EVER!"


It ruined my floors as well. Cloudy mess.

I've been cleaning small sections over the last 2 years, scrubbing on my hands and knees with many different cleaning products.

What I am now using, with the best outcome is bartenders friend, some water, a rag, and lots of arm strength. It does dry it out a bit and will leave white in between the cracks, but that is a job for another day.


I wish I had read the reviews before using this product. After applying it, every little scratch showed.

My floors looked better before using this. I managed to remove it with a lot of work.This is how I did it. I called the company and they told me remove it with ammonia free window cleaner. That did' work .

So I decided to use window cleaner with ammonia called Bon Ami. I spayed this on a section 4 feet x 4 feet. Let it sit for 3 minutes. Then you take a sponge mop and attach a round plastic dish scrubber around the sponge.

The round plastic dish scrubber is attached with a tieknot inside to make it look round. Cut the knot and it will open up and then attach this to the sponge mop. Use some force to remove the cleaner ( trust me ,the plastic scrubbers will not scratch your floors) and then rinse well with clean water to remove the residue. It took several hours but I was glad I removed this floor restorer off my floors.

My floors look like new. I am sharing this with everyone so you can get the same results I did.

to Perns #1479231

I wish that I had never used Rejuvenate. The floors were new, but already had some scratches and I THOUGHT they looked dull.

When I saw the product on TV, I didn't take into my brain that it was a restoration product, not for new floors. If my floors had already been ruined, maybe they would look better.The problem in applying it is that unless you have light behind you, you can't tell if you missed a spot.

If you're going to use the product, you'd better have all the right gear!I am working like a dog to get it off the floors, worrying all the time about causing the wood planks to be damaged. Boo Hoo.

to Perns #1508501

I made the mistake of using rejuvenate today. Have to fix t before hubby comes home and sees the disaster.

Do you think it has to be bon ami? Can it be Windex?

I live in Canada. Your help will save my life.

to Perns #1516009

What. Type of floors do you have? Mine are laminate and this product has made my floors look awful and scratches show up.

to Denise #1523526

I found the best way today remove this awful product from your floor is to use GOOF OFF. spray it on use a damp rag keep rinsing the rag out. After it was removed I just went to Bona floor products they don’t leave any type of residue floors look like new again.

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1195205

One other note to my comment above.

Make sure you clean the floor with some kind of laminate floor spray cleaner after each section to make sure all the residue is removed from the floor. You don't want to leave the other product sitting on there even though you wiped it down with the damp pad.

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #1195202

I just went through this same issue and experienced the hazing, scratching, and flaking finish. I thought my laminate floor was destroyed.

I tried the non Ammonia Windex, regular windex, vinegar, etc and nothing would take it off. Here is what I ended up doing to finally get it off:

Things I used: Bona Polish Remover w/pad, Bona floor car kit with their mop and 2 microfiber pads, plastic card (I used an old hotel access card).

Process: Spread polish remover over a 4'x4' area with the scrubber pad and let sit for about 10 minutes. You will see it start to turn white. After 10 minutes scrub the area with the pad for a few minutes to agitate.

Dampen a microfiber pad and wiped down the area. I learned after several hours that this process alone WILL NOT REMOVE IT. After you wipe the area down you will use the plastic card and basically scrape the covering off the floor. It will begin to pile up as you work but it should be pretty easy to see what areas you have removed it from.

It may take a few cycles to get everything removed completely but it worked for me. There are also no scratched from using the card on my floor but I would recommend you check a small area to make sure for yourself.

My floor is now back to the way it was before I used this product. Hope this helps.

to Anonymous #1419621

Thanks for the info. I noticed it said not to use orange based cleaner.

I did and it removed the wax. I’m so pleased. I buy “Awsome Orange” for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree and it is a wonderful cleaner.

Good for many things. Try it!!

Seattle, Washington, United States #1190004

I used this product on new laminate floors and it looked great. So i bought the weekly cleaner/upkeep as well.

Loved it too. However about 3 weeks after i put it on, everything turned hazy, there was a film you could scrape you fingernail through and it would come off. It was disgusting and i have spent weeks trying to get it off. I hope the person who invented this gets explosive diarrhea for a good long time.

Then they can appreciate the pain we all are going through.

I have 2 unopened bottles if anyone is interested in them. haha

to Anonymous #1441622

Yes shame on them I being stressing over this so bad my floors are also new ..this company should be sued

to Anonymous #1441623

I tried dawn dish washing soap and it work with a little elbow grease but my floor looks kind of dull ..im si sad it looks very nice with the rejuvenated restorer but omg within a week a started noticing scratches and wird patches


This stuff is almost as bad as Orange Glo, Saw an ad on TV, thought it was too good to be true. Went to the revues on Amazon and all were good except for a few.

Got it, Applied it, Looked great for about a day. Mopped as usual, bad mistake, Steam mopped with water only, Two weeks later I am still trying to get my old "not good enough shine" back. What a disaster.

So very disappointed. Don't get this.


I wish I had read these comments before I used it. I applied this product on my laminate floors to give them a nicer finish.

At first, they looked fine, but they more we walked on them or mopped them, they worse they looked. Now they have a haze or milky-looking finish that WILL NOT come off. Not going to even attempt the process they told me when I called the Customer Service line, as those comments above already say it does not work. I had Stanley Steemer cleaning my carpet, and I told them my hardwood floors looked awful, and they said they clean them.

They gave me a price of $300.00. I didn't realize there was a problem, but I told them the floors had Rejuvenate on them, and they called the office, and the price immediately went to $600.00 to clean just my hardwood floors on my first floors.

Please consider seriously these comments before applying this product. It has ruined my floors.

to Anonymous #1441625

Omg I know the feeling

to Anonymous #1442745

Did u have them clean with stanly steam ..i would appreciated if u answer me i won't mind paying my floors look really bad and I'm very sad about it


Don't buy this!!! It SUCKS!!!

Damascus, Maryland, United States #958925

Thank you for the heads up on this *** product I tried it on a small area before doing my whole wood floor it is trashed no good


I made the mistake of using Rejuvenate Floor Refresher on my manufactured hardwood flooring, which is what the product says it can be used on. What resulted was a streaky, hazy mess.

Their customer service rep. said to use non-ammoniated glass cleaner to remove it. That DOES NOT remove it. The only product I found that would dissolve Rejuvenate without damaging the floor finish is Goof Off Heavy Duty Cleaner which comes in a 1 qt.

spray bottle and can be found in the paint section of Home Depot. Several bottles of Goof Off and about 10 hrs. of cleaning and my floors are finally back in their original condition.

Use Rejuvenate at your own risk, because their warranty is limited to the cost of the product. In my opinion, Rejuvenate is a TERRIBLE product.

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